Hot Off the Press: Essential Practices for Beekeepers in Ontario

A comprehensive resource for beekeepers, and developed in partnership with OMAFRA and the OBA, with input from the University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre and Niagara CollegeEssential Practices for Beekeepers in Ontario outlines recommended practices to ensure healthy, productive managed honey bees in Ontario.

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This document is intended to instruct beekeepers on what they must do, rather than how they should do it. The how can be found in other materials referenced in the Education and Training section on pages 10 to 12. 

All beekeepers should be aware of the practices described in this document and incorporate them into their beekeeping operations to support a thriving apiculture industry and the overall health of managed honey bees in Ontario.

A second major focal point of this document is to highlight sources of information relevant to beekeeping in Ontario. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in beekeeping information on the Internet. While the Internet does contain valuable information, with beekeeping it is critical to use credible information relevant to Ontario’s unique geography, climate and pest status.