Mass Bee Kill

On June 5th, 2020 two Quebec beekeepers experienced a mass killing of their bees associated with the application of herbicides. 600+ hives were being prepared for travel to blueberry pollination sites when more than 50% of the colonies were destroyed. At the time of the kill, herbicides were being sprayed on a nearby field in windy conditions. The beekeepers affected were present at the time of the incident, were able to speak to the farmer and obtain the labels
for the chemicals being sprayed - a mix of Vios G3 (Bayer) + Roundup (Glyphosate) + Engenia (BASF) with the active ingredient Dicamba.
“It literally rained bees and bumble bees” reported Quebec Beekeeper Joel Laberge.
See Media Release HERE.
Please report any losses of forager bees, due to a suspected incidence with herbicides or otherwise. If these losses do not get reported, the issue can't be tracked.