New research shows plants & pollinators spiral down together

Parallel Declines in Pollinators and Insect-Pollinated Plants in Britain and the Netherlands

J. C. Biesmeijer,1* S. P. M. Roberts,2 M. Reemer,3 R. Ohlemu¨ ller,4 M. Edwards,5 T. Peeters,3,6

A. P. Schaffers,7 S. G. Potts,2 R. Kleukers,3 C. D. Thomas,4 J. Settele,8 W. E. Kunin1

"In conjunction with this evidence, outcrossing plant species that are reliant on the declining pollinators have themselves declined relative to other plant species. Taken together, these findings strongly suggest a causal connection between local extinctions of functionally linked plant and pollinator species."

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