OBA Congratulates Premier Wynne

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June 13, 2014


The Hon Kathleen Wynne, Premier

Legislative Building

Queen’s Park, Toronto M7A 1A1

Dear Premier Wynne,

Congratulations on the convincing win for the Liberal Party in yesterday’s election. We are confident that under your leadership the Government of Ontario will forge a positive road forward for our economy and our environment.

The members and the many thousands of supporters of the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association clearly appreciated your thoughtful and comprehensive policy regarding bee health. We believe you have set the right direction and with your mandate we are now positioned to take the next steps to ensure Ontario’s pollinators – and the crops they pollinate – are protected now and in the future.

Despite the late, wet spring, we continue to receive reports of hives lost to pesticide poisoning. The decline of our pollinator population is still an urgent concern, as is the health of Ontario’s beekeeping industry. We hope that by working together, we are able to affect changes with the seed treatment and distribution system to allow them to adjust to a new marketplace that will see these highly toxic pesticides sold and used only where needed. 

The OBA is committed to working with your government and with other farm groups, such as the NFU, to help make pollinator health a cornerstone of your government. You can count on our commitment and cooperation.


Dan Davidson