Ontario beekeepers support government plan to reduce neonicotinoid use by 80%

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Milton, ON. The Ontario Beekeepers’ Association is pleased to see the Ontario government proceed toward their goal of an 80% reduction in neonicotinoid pesticides by 2017. Tibor Szabo, president of the OBA says that, “although the organization is still reviewing the detailed mechanisms, we support the regulatory approach to controlling these pesticides. We are proud that Ontario is taking bold leadership to protect pollinators with the strongest measures in North America. We are particularly supportive of the requirement for third-party assessment, the emphasis on Integrated Pest Management and the commitment to transparency and public reporting.”

Yesterday, the Government of Ontario released its draft regulations for public comment. The proposed rules provide a new class of pesticides for corn and soy seeds treated with three types of neonicotinoid pesticides and a phased-in approach to regulating their sale and use. There are currently no requirements on the use of neonicotinoid treated seed.

“This proposal is encouraging for beekeepers who have been observing the devastating effects of these chemicals on their bees for the past few years,” said Szabo. “We believe these measures will build the long-term stability of our beekeeping industry and enable us to continue to provide essential pollination support to Ontario’s farmers.”


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