P.C. critic says splitting up OMAFRA was a big mistake

In an interview with Farms.com, Ontario PC Agriculture Critic Ernie Hardeman shares his reaction to the change to the agriculture portfolio. “I think it’s a big mistake, obviously there is a direct connection between agriculture and rural affairs...that’s why it is one ministry,” says Hardeman. 

In the heat of the election campaign Wynne pledged on Dec. 6 2012 that she “will serve as the Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs for at least one year,” published in a release on her campaign website. 

Hardeman says “the premier didn’t promise that she was going to split the ministry, what she did promise was that she would be Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.” Hardeman went on to say that “she [Kathleen Wynne] only did half of what she said that she was going to do.” 

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