REMINDER: Deadline for PMRA response to Call for Comments December 12

PMRA is getting inundated in responses to their Call for Comments (which you can read here). Let's make sure our voices are heard. Respond by December 12 and tell them IPM isn't enough, we need to suspend the use of these chemicals now:

Here's a suggested email that you can use or modify:

Dear PMRA,

I am asking you to ban neonicotinoid pesticides immediately.

I am concerned that the continued use of neonicotinoid pesticides poses an unacceptable likelihood of serious, imminent harm to honey bees and native pollinators. As bees pollinate one third of every bite that we eat, I believe that it could have a negative impact on agriculture by limited pollination services. And finally, I am concerned that neonicotinoid pesticides reduce pollination of wild plants in a way that may alter ecosystems.

Your current recommendations do not go far enough: simply reducing the spread of dust from neonicotinoid-coated seeds during planting (which research shows amounts to less than 2% of the pesticide load), will not prevent toxic build up in the soil. Nor will it prevent the spread of these water-soluble chemicals to ponds or other sources of water that bees and other insects access during spring and summer. We will be asking that these toxic chemicals  be removed from use.

Ban them now!

(your name, address, tel. no., email)