Small Hive Beetle Confirmed in Ottawa Region

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs recently confirmed a new Small Hive Beetle positive yard in the City of Ottawa area from live bees purchased in 2020. This is the first Small Hive Beetle positive yard confirmed in this area of the province. This new positive case raises a concern that other live bees purchased and distributed in 2020 in eastern Ontario may also contain Small Hive Beetle. The ministry encourages beekeepers to be diligent when examining colonies for all pests and diseases, including Small Hive Beetle.

If a beekeeper suspects or finds Small Hive Beetle present in their bees or equipment, it must be reported to the Provincial Apiarist immediately. Small Hive Beetle is a named pest under Ontario’s Bees Act.

Please refer to the ministry’s website at: for information on the biology, best management and biosecurity practices for Small Hive Beetle.