Varroa Treatment Options

"Now or Never": Late Season Colony Managementfor Survival, Varroa Treatment Options and the Importance of Timing.

Brought to you by the Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN), this article primarily addresses Varroa mites (and ineffective control of Varroa mites), as this has been demonstrated to be the primary cause of winter mortality in Ontario (Guzman et al., 2010).

The end of the season is fast approaching and it’s time to get down to business. The closer you get to the end the beekeeping season the more important the management can be for the survival of the colonies. On the flip side of that, early management of colonies influences their health and condition for the entire season. And in between these is late summer, where the pest and disease levels and health of the colonies have progressed, and beekeepers are at a point where what they do (or don’t do) is critical.

This article contains a list of legally registered treatment options for Varroa.

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