2024 Hands-on Workshops

Introductory Hands-on Workshops
Interested in learning about bees but not becoming a beekeeper? Introduction to Beekeeping is the course for you!
Brand new and trying to figure out if beekeeping is for you? Check out the Introduction to Beekeeping!
New but jumping right into things and getting bees this year? Take both Introduction to Beekeeping and Pest Management for Beekeeping to make sure you have all the info you need to get started! 
Have you been around bees or have bees yourself and need a hand keeping them healthy? Take Pest Management for Beekeeping! 
Experienced beekeeper looking for a refresher on pests, diseases, and treatments? Pest Management for Beekeeping is for you! 
Experience beekeeper looking to develop a new skill? Try Queen Rearing this year!